At Beyond Relief, we have been providing on-site workplace massage for Schools, Businesses and Exhibitions for over 5 years, both as a group session or for individuals at each place.

Our corporate massage sessions can be either short-term (over a couple of hours) or long-term (over a few days), and there are several ways in which to administer an effective stress-relieving massage at work.
These methods range from a client being seated at their desk, being seated on a special “massage chair” and lying on the massage table. Our individual massages range from between 10-15 mins and concentrate mainly on the head, neck and shoulders – places where tension tends to manifest itself. However we understand that you may have specific requirements. We will take into account you specific needs in order to tailor a massage system that suits you, and will work in with your workplace and employees to structure the most effective stress-relieving program available.

Our experience has shown that most clients actually prefer to remove themselves from their stressful working environment (i.e desk and computer) and to physically lie down on the massage table, rather than use a massage seat. The reasoning for this is that most clients find it more relaxing and not as clinical as a seated massage.
The table itself lends itself to a the whole body being relaxed with no muscles required to be tensed or contracted throughout the massage. This means that the muscles can be massaged more effectively to relieve the tension rather than if trying to massage a tense muscle.

Another important reason which may seem frivilous but is just as important is that the table’s tend to be more user-friendly for those who chose to wear skirts to work. (No gender bias). It is easier for a female in a tight skirt to get on and off the table than it is to sit in the massage chairs.

Some of the clients who have taken advantage of our Corporate Massage have been :-

Acumen Multimedia
Kingswood College
Banksia Secondary College
Royal Life Saving Society
Parents, Babies, Children Expo

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