The following is a brief description of some of the major modes and techniques that Beyond Relief massage therapists utilise during their sessions. Each is based on a thorough understanding of the principles and practices in order to provide the correct massage for each individual client. Similarly, is also important to stress that Beyond Relief therapists always adhere to correct draping techniques (use of towels to cover the body while being massaged) to ensure the privacy of their clients.

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1/. Relaxation Massage
This is also referred to as Swedish Massage in the Western world. The techniques used are designed to reduce stress, increase blookd flow and generate a feeling of good health generally for an immediate or short-term benefit. (Usually for a few days). Combined with natural body movements massage helps to improve circulation, posture, stiff joints and numerous other ailments and disorders. Massage encourages organs to function correctly and eliminate toxins which gather in the body. It helps reduce the feeling of stress and produces a calming effect on the overall body.

2/. Therapeutic Massage
This is a form of massage that is based around a pre-existing condition, whether it be a general sore spot or a specific injury of some description. Sports injuries are good examples of a situation where therapeutic massage is used. The massage generally focuses on the site of the injury or soreness and the immediate area around it in order to try and repair the damaged muscle fibres and return the muscle to its optimal performance. There are a number of different techniques used with a therapeutic massage which differ from a relaxation massage because there are generally specific injuries being targeted. It cannot be over-stressed that the taking of a detailed history and observation of patient signs and syptoms is vitally important in the ability to give an effective therapeutic massage.

3/. Acupressure
Sometimes referred to as Shiatsu in many circles, acupressure massage follows the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote the flow of “Qi” (or “life-force”) through certain paths within the body. By using sustained pressure on acupuncture points along the “meridians” it is possible to treat specific problems ranging from tension headaches, back pain, sinus difficulties and even period pain. A musculo-skeletal problem is not necessarily located at the site of pain, rather somewhere along the meridian which is preventing life force flowing to the sore area. By using acupressure techniques, the flow of Qi is encouraged along these pathways, and pain will dissipate along the length of the meridian. Shiatsu is a more generalised form of acupressure massage.

4/. Trigger Point Therapy
Similar to Acupressure massage. Trigger point therapy utilises many of the same points as an acupressure massage, depending on the body part or problem being treated. Trigger points are defined as being small nodes of toxins and waste products which build up at specific sites on specific muscles. As a result, blood flow (therefore oxygen flow) is interrupted or reduced through the blood vessels and this creates a localised pain which may also be felt at remote locations. Using intense circular frictions on these nodes will aid in the break down of the toxins and thereby encourage blood flow back through the blood vessels. This leads to less pain and the pain cycle is broken.

5/. Sports Massage
Sports massage is not merely used to assist in the repair of injured muscle tissue after a tear or strain. It is also importantly used as a preventative measure against such injuries occuring in the first place. Providing a rigourous massage to the muscles promotes blood flow to the area and assists in warming up the muscle and readying it for physical activity. It iis vitally important to target the areas which are going to be utilised during sporting activity and is combined with stretching to encourage optimal athletic performance. Massage combined with stretching has been shown to be more beneficial to performance than stretching alone. Of course sports massage is also used in the repair of injured muscle tissue by incorporating many of the other techniques discussed here. Again, in the treatment of injury, the therapist must obtain detailed patient history to provide the most beneficial outcome

6/. Remedial Massage
Remedial massage is a holistic treatment; that is, a treatment for the whole of the body, as well as the area being treated. The primary aim of Remedial Massage is to find and treat the cause of the disorder, not only the symptoms. A good remedial massage therapist will incorporate many of the techniques mentioned here for an overall sense of well-being.
The therapist will ask about your lifestyle, diet, posture, exercise and other medical history. This information. combined with a full examination, helps the Remedial Massage therapist to determine the relevant application of treatment.
Some of the short term effects of remedial massage include an increased blood flow to the area, increased lymphatic drainage, reduction in stress levels. As a longer term therapy, it can result in better circulation, a generalised reduction of scar tissue and improved flexibility, and in many cases can be a proactive measure to protect against further infirmity.

7/. Deep Tissue Massage
There is a common misconception that deep tissue massage indicates the massage is hard, rough and forceful. This is not the case. The term “deep tissue massage” means that the muscle tissues that lie under the superficial layers of muscle are getting massaged and not just the top level. For instance, the tiny muscles which attach to each individual vertebrae also need to be massaged correctly. These are quite deep, and a normal relaxation massage will have little effect on them without attempting to target them specifically. Deep tissue massage is generally incorporated into most massages as part of the total therapy for each client.

8/. Deep Transverse Friction
Based on the principles of Dr. James Cyriax, deep transverse friction is a form of deep tissue massage and therapeutic massage which promotes the belief that massaging across the direction of the muscle/tendonous fibres will bring about a faster breakdown of scar tissue and therefore will promote a quicker repair of the injured fibres. This type of massage is very intense and can be quite painful, yet has been shown to be exceptionally effective in reducing scar tissue at the site of the lesion and assisting in a quicker than expected return to optimal performance. As with most forms of therapeutic massage, the therapist must be extremely knowledgable in their understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, and must take a detailed patient history in order to provide the client with the most effective massage to assist in the repair of the injured body tissue.

9/. Corporate Massage
This is a form of massage that is designed specifically for use in a business setting. This may be at a work-place, or even a conference/event. These massages are generally 10-15 mins in duration and are done with clients clothes on at all times. We concentrate on the neck and shoulder region where stress tends to form in most people. Generally the massages are performed with the client lying on a table however a massage chair is available if requested. As there is no bare skin to massage, the techniques used incorporate some heel-of-hand kneading, acupressure and gentle trigger point frictions. This style of massage is recommended for hectic situations where some instant relief can assist the client cope with a stressful situation and can be therapeutic, relaxing and invigorating in the right situation. For more information on details regarding our Corporate Massage service, please contact us here.

There is no need for any client to be naked in the presence of their therapist at any stage, although there will be the need to massage on bare skin in most forms of massage. Respect of client privacy is of UTMOST importance for all Beyond Relief therapists. Harrassment of clients in any way, shape or form WILL NOT be tolerated by Beyond Relief.

Other common extensions to massage which may be utilised by therapists to assist in the healing powers of massage.

Remedial Therapies

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